Friday, December 20, 2013

UFO Is Car Enthusiast...and Likely One Of Ours.


                                UFO Checks Out Vehicle Using 3D Laser Scan:

With so many credible witnesses from the government, military, aerospace, law enforcement and commercial aviation coming forward to document their own experiences, the debate over the existence of UFO's is clearly over; The question now being asked: "...It it one of Ours or one of Theirs?..." Our bet is OURS.

This is the absolute best-filmed UFO encounter I have personally ever seen. Curiously, it appears the occupants of this craft may be car enthusiasts as well, as they take a good deal of time examining this car with a clearly visible 3D laser scan....

For those interested in the UFO subject, please see The Disclosure Project.

( Note: Actual Video Starts at .59 seconds after the still photography. )

" I live in a rural part of Michigan near Port Huron. I saw a very strange object up in the sky near my home. So, I jumped in my vehicle and followed i ...ended up turning onto a private unmarked road. I got out of vehicle to take a better view of it when suddenly the object started moving towards me. It startled me so I ran like hell for a little bit. "

 " Once I moved a distance back, I zoomed out the camera a bit more and noticed the object was hovering directly over my vehicle. Then it started to lower itself as it slowly rotated directly over my roof! At that point, it appeared to be shining a very bright green beam over it. Then it shot straight up into the sky.  This was a very eerie experience and felt as if there was highly dense static electricity in the air! "

- Bob, 10/27/2013


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