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The Cars Of The Beatles

The Cars Of The Beatles:

The Most Famous White VW Beetle In The World with Plate " 28IF "
Automobiles Owned, Driven By, Seen In or Related to The Beatles 
John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison & Ringo Starr.

Above:The Beatles with John's Rolls Royce Phantom V
Prior To The Psychedelic Treatment.

Above & Below: Apple Records Bentley S1

Each Member Of The Beatles Loved The Mini:

Above:George's Mini Cooper,
and (Below) Ringo in Passenger seat years later.

Ringo Exiting His Mini
Above & Below: Paul's Mini Cooper

(Above) Paul's Mini On Museum Display
Below: George Harrison's Garage

John's Psychedelic Rolls Royce Phantom V

John with son Julian
On display (above), and parked next to George's Mini (below)

John enjoying having photos taken with
The Rolls Phantom V

John enjoying a drive.

Paul signing an autograph behind the wheel.
The Beatles Visiting Elvis Presley at his home after their 1965
Hollywood Bowl Show.
John sold his Mercedes 600LWB to George
when he and Yoko emigrated to NYC.

George Harrison's Jaguar E-Type Series 1

George in a mid'60's Mopar convertible.

George's Aston Martin DB4 and
(below) McLaren F1

George owned a Mercedes 300SEL and a 250ce

George and Paul in an Austin Healey Sprite.

Johns Mercedes 230Sl that was custom-converted to
right-hand drive by Mercedes at his request.

Above & Below: John's Iso Fidia S4

John's 1979 Mercedes 300TD wagon
John's 1972 Chrysler Wagon
This photo of a crashed Lotus in London inspired John to write
" A Day In The Life "; The driver - 21 Year old Tara Browne- died, he was
the heir to The Guiness fortune.
This is the model Austin Healey that Paul supposedly
died in - sparking the "Paul Is Dead" rumours.
Paul and George both favored the Aston Martin DB Series.
Lexus provided this 600H as a gift to Sir Paul after his recent
and very nasty divorce.
Ringo's 1957 Chevy customized by George Barris

Ringo's 1967 Mustang Hardtop Coupe.

Ringo crashed his Vintage 280SE Coupe In London.
But he and wife Barbara survived unhurt - which would lead to
the purchase of several more Mercedes - a 190e, a CL600 and
a CLS - shown below...

Ringo's Mercedes 190e

Ringo with wife Barbara in CL600 in Beverly Hills.

Ringo's Mercedes CLS was auctioned by Mecum.
Above & Below: Ringos 190SL roadster.

Ringo also owned two rare Facel Vegas 

Paul favors a blue Corvette convertible for
getting around California.

Paul previous owned this beautiful Lamborghini 400GT
Paul's Aston Martin DB4

John's 1965 Ferrari 330GT

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